Bob MacInnis - Cornet and reeds
Bob started on the trumpet in the 4th grade, continuing to play in the school band and orchestra and then in the U.S.Army Band. Today he brings a wonderful tone tempered by years of experience and knowledge not only to The New Liberty Jazz Band but to many other groups in the area playing everything from classical to swing as well as traditional jazz. While standing still as everyone else took a step backwards, Bob came to be the band's fearless leader. We have relied with great satisfaction on Bob's son Rob to drive our 1941 Ford fire truck in the parades and concerts we do on the engine. With an MA in education, he brought his skilled 15 years  as a  Precision Toolmaker/Machinist  as well as his teaching abilities to Shawsheen Regional Vocational High School from which he recently retired. He resides in Billerica, Mass.

Robin Verdier- Piano

Roland Paquette - Tenor Banjo
Roland is one of the founders of the group. He was also instrumental, (no pun intended), in the formation of the New England Banjo Society and it was his garage/rehearsal hall where both groups first met. (It had nothing to do with the fact that his refrigerator was rigged to serve beer from a half-keg).  In addition to his appreciated musical contributions, Roland,  along with Bob,  provided the know-how and muscle in the restoration of the 1941 Ford fire truck the band plays on today. Roland also rigged the sound system on the truck.  He  retired from  IBM as a Computer System Field Service Engineer  and lives in Pelham, New Hampshire.


Dan MacInnis - Guitar Banjo
Dan started out on the violin in the 4th grade, continuing in the high school orchestra. Seven years later he  put the violin aside for a guitar received from his older brother Charlie. For the next 40 years or so, he played for weddings, dances, shows, and other various functions. He joined the group playing  the guitar and later, wisely for him, acted upon the members' suggestion of picking up a 6 string banjo, (a Vega Tubaphone), from an acquaintance, Scott Philbrick, rather than risk being  thrown out. Later, figuring that if he played enough notes on enough strings something had to eventually sound okay, Dan purchased a 12-string  Deering banjo. Dan retired from Harvard University as a Computer Systems Manager. He resides in Billerica, Mass.


Steve Piermarini - Trombone
Steve started out on piano at age 8; after five years of lessons he decided to switch to trombone. His piano teacher's parting comment: well now he'll learn how to read the bass clef. After being provided with an Army surplus trombone by his Junior High School music teacher, Steve learned his first song from a Three Stooges movie. He learned from better sources after that. He earned his B.M. in music education from Berklee College of Music, followed by an M.M. in Conducting Performance from the University of Lowell. Steve has performed throughout the US, Canada, and Japan for artists as diverse as Bob Hope, Aretha Franklin, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, including stops at Carnegie Hall and the Newport Jazz Festival with jazz legend Arturo Sandoval. He has been riding on the fire truck with the NLJB since 2015 when it was discovered he was the only trombone player who fit into the uniform.


Arlene Boucher - Vocalist
Arlene is the newest addition to the band to the delight of its members and fans. She is, however, not new to the music scene, having  sung and/or played banjo in the New England area for the last 28 years, including  festival appearances at the Great Steam Jazz Festival in Essex, Conn.  She has produced one cd,  "Swing That Music," with her friend, the late, great guitar/banjo player Dave Huxtable and the Riverbank Jazz Band. Arlene vocalizes on our latest cd , "Two to Two". 




   Blair Bettencourt - Reeds

   Dr. John Clark - Reeds

   Craig Ball - Reeds

   Rick MacWilliams - Tuba